Virtual banding - Everybody Needs Somebody

26/05/20 21:00

Message from Ian

I hope that you are all well in these stressful times.

Following on from Manx Concert Brass’s “We’ll Meet Again” video, the next project is “Everybody Needs Somebody” which is intended to feature all our players in the organisation. There is the potential here for us to feature over 60 of us performing on the video which has got to be a bit special!
(If you have previous experience you can skip the next bit!). It is essential that we produce a good quality production and I am sure we will all do our best.

I have worked on the piece and made some amendments to suit the project so your part may not be the same as the previous version you have played.

Files have been uploaded to

Here you will find a set of parts and mp3 tracks. If you want to join in just download your Band part and the corresponding mp3 Audio track.(Percussion players feel free to record any of the parts you wish)

The mp3 Audio track has an electronic version of your part with a click track for tempo. There is one bar lead in of 4 crotchet beats to give you the tempo and if you listen to your part you can practice along with it. If it helps you can even make your video listening to your part through ear pieces as you play.

We are not doing this in uniform but if you want to wear Black Hats and Sunglasses a la Blues Brothers then please feel free.

Once you have made your recording upload it to: and send it from your e mail address to

In the message section it would help if you put your name and what part you are playing.

Mr. Dawson and Mr. Gerrard will then work their technical wizardry to put them all together. Since the layout of the final version depends on how many videos we get back we will have to put a time limit for submissions so please upload your contribution by midnight on Sunday 31st May.

If you have any difficulty in making it then please get in touch with me. (I can amend your part to suit if needs be.)

So good luck and let’s do something special together because “Everybody Needs Somebody”
Best Wishes and stay safe